Saturday, October 13, 2012

Affirmative action and other social justice articles

An Open Letter to Abigail Fisher: Really amazing opinion letter about affirmative action case at University of Texas. "Your white skin is not an entitlement pass. Mediocrity wasn’t adequate at the University of Texas at Austin and it is not acceptable in life." Agreed.

Top five myths about Asian Americans and affirmative action from Angry Asian Man. Affirmative action does Asians good, so don't hate it!

How media clearly reflects the sexism and the racism we cannot see in ourselves. A teacher reflects on a casting exercise with film students and how people of color/women are constantly being stereotyped into the same roles, even though these students are 'liberal'. It's NEVER just a book or movie, the media is how society learns these stereotypes in the first place.

We're a Culture, Not a Costume. For Halloween, choose costumes that don't perpetuate racist stereotypes!

I’m Not Interested in Finding a Truce in the Culture War. I’m Interested in Winning It. This is an interesting article. The author cites a book by Jonathan Haidt about how the Democrats and Republicans are locked in an endless war of pushing each other's buttons, refusing to give in on women's rights/abortion and religious freedom. But the author argues that access to healthcare (ie birthcontrol pills or abortion) is not an equal comparison to religious freedom, so is adment that the so-called culture war is not a real debate.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Affirmative Action at US Colleges

The affirmative action case in the US: I haven't read many articles on it yet, but man oh man. If they overturn affirmative action on the basis that "we don't need it anymore" or "it's unfair to white kids", I think I might throw up. There is still such a huge achievement gap between African American and Hispanic students with white or East Asian students and guess what, a lot of that is attributed to socioeconomic class. It's not because different ethnicities are inherently better or worse, it's that they don't have the same opportunities as white kids. Sorry, white girl who appealed to the Supreme Court about this, but I'm willing to bet that your job opportunities NO MATTER WHERE YOU GO TO SCHOOL will ALMOST ALWAYS be better than the Hispanic, African, Southeast Asian, or Native American kid. That's the white privilege kicking in. Poor whites might lose out on this, true, but I'm still pretty certain that their chances of success are still better than poor minorities if said minorities weren't offered that spot in the university. Racism is inherent in the system and we HAVE to fight this by giving our kids as many opportunities in education as we can. Affirmative action isn't perfect, but damnnit, it's still necessary.